Homecooked Trials

The Lonely Turkey Kielbasa

Today I wasn’t in the mood for canned meats, I wasn’t in the mood for pasta, and I for sure didn’t want to order take out or delivery. Working my way down the fridge I opened the “meats” drawer when I came across an emergency reserve of turkey kielbasa. It was simply laying there in the corner of the drawer looking sad and without a purpose. I decided to help this despondent kielbasa and ferry its journey to nirvana. Nirvana, of course, means I’m gonna eat the heck out of it. Firing up the grill and opening the package I can almost hear the turkey kielbasa saying, “Thank you, good sir. Thank you kindly for cooking me. I promise you won’t regret this.”

“Aaaargh!” its last words as it seared on the 400-degree grill.

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Chopped turkey kielbasa on a bed of pink beans (not shown) with sauteed onions, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese.

Stepping back into the house I can hear the kielbasa scream as it slowly scorched to death. As I looked for a side dish, I pulled out a can of Goya Pink Beans, grabbed a bag of onions, and a solitary tomato from the fridge.

  • I diced the onions and tomatoes and sautéed them in a pan in olive oil until the onions were soft but not brown.
  • I then opened the can of pink beans, cooked them on medium low in a sauce pan.
  • I sprinkled the rosemary on the beans and stirred occasionally until warm.
  • I removed the cooked kielbasa from the grill, quartered it, and chucked those into the beans and stirred again to get all the flavors into the pan.
  • Cooked for a few minutes longer, and done.

With a large spoon, I scooped up heaping servings of the mixed kielbasa, onions, and beans and tossed them into a medium size bowl. I mixed in heated tomato sauce and a sprinkle of feta and Parmesan cheese on top.

In the end, I thought the meal came out too salty. I’m wondering if I didn’t need to add the feta… Lesson learned I suppose.