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Pomelo Fruit Smoothie, a Bitter-Sweet Experiment

Pomelos. I’ve always seen them in the stores, yet never ate a pomelo. I didn’t know how they tasted like and I’m never one to skip on tasting something at least once. Out of curiosity, I bought a big old sack of pomelos for experimenting. Because why not. Fast forward a few days. There I was relaxing on my balcony […]

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Metaxa For Enthusiasts and Newbies

Metaxa is the devil of Greek brandy. That being said, Metaxa is a real good brandy. Imported from Greece, this brandy demonstrates loads of character and flavor. The caramel tones and aromas will persuade any brandy non-enthusiast into taking a sip. For newcomers, the aromas have a strong hint of alcohol. I suggest sniffing this drink like you would […]

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Bacardi Oakheart, A Sipping and a Taste

Cracking open Bacardi’s newest edition to their lineup, Bacardi Oakheart, I can really smell the hints of caramel and honey, with a hint of sweet smokiness. Sipping the rum was delectable with a delicate mix of flavors. It wasn’t too strong and it wasn’t too smooth This rum doesn’t even need a mixer to go with […]

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Grapefruit Saketini, A Saké Cocktal

Easy and breezy! Since I do not drink vodka often and the owner of the Grey Goose NEVER drinks vodka, especially flavored, I decided to mix it into something. Coincidentally, I also had some saké lying around.   Ingredients: 2 oz (Shot glass size) of saké (in my case I used Cloudy/Unfiltered saké for more flavor.) […]