Miami Rum Renaissance Festival, An Epic Day

The Deauville Resort was in Miami Beach. The Miami Rum Renaissance Festival was at the Deauville Resort. Over 100 samples of rum spirits from Americas were at the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival. I remember it being sunny that day. I remember wanting to try every single rum sample that day. I remember thinking it was an epic task even for myself. Epic. I remember…

Arriving right when doors opened to the general public, we took our sweet time sampling all we could. We discovered many new rums that day. Many of them had a terrific balance of bite and flavor. Also, many of them could run a turbine engine.

With over 100 samples of rum from so many distilleries, it was inevitable to forget the not so great rums. One would argue it was inevitable to forget everything but we have our list of standouts.

  • Zaya Rum
  • Dos Maderas Rum (the mini rum barrels were a nice touch)
  • Bacardi 8 Años (the large open rum barrels with servers with long ladles were also a nice touch)
  • All new Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum
  • Ron Botran (served in cocktails which were delicious)

In the end, we came, we drank, and we conquered. We think.