Riverwalk Trust, Gourmet in the Park 2011

For a while now, Little Nomster has been aching to attend a public food event as our first official event. When I read about the Gourmet in the Park by the Riverwalk Trust was the perfect first event! I figured I’d try some great foods from the popular food trucks of South Florida and see what all the hubbub is all about. Win/win scenario.

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People standing in long lines at Munch and Move On.

Whether you know it or not food trucks have been all the rage this past couple of years, even having a feature or two in the local New Times. Gourmet in the Park was clearly The Riverwalk Trust’s way of showing off the best food trucks South Florida had to offer.

Upon arrival at the park, at least 1500 people scattered amongst long lines, sitting down in beach chairs or towels were chomping away at their meals. I wandered aimlessly trying to decide which food truck to feast on first. I meandered about the park admiring the beautiful artwork adorned on the sides of all the food truck and laughed to myself at all the clever names (Nacho Mamma’s Grill, and The Rolling Stove). It wasn’t long till I found myself with an unfathomable craving for tacos. Jefe’s Original Fish Tacos and Burgers had a line wrapping around the truck on spilling onto the sidewalk. On the other end of the spectrum was The Fish Box was the shortest seafood line available.

Sadly, after standing in line a good thirty-five minutes all the yummy items were already sold out. The Catch of the Day Fish Sandwich, out. The Fish Box “Catch of the Day Fingers”, out. Basically anything “Catch of the Day” equated to me being out of luck. After standing in line for 35 minutes, I simply wanted to get something tasty into my belly. The Original “Minuta Sandwich” with a side of tostones (fried plantain chips) was still available, and it would not disappoint.

Minuta Sandwich was lightly battered with diced onions scattered on top and laid in-between a warm and soft Cuban bun. It really brought back memories of mom’s fried fish. The taste of the fish wasn’t lost with the light fry batter either and the taste was super enhanced with the special sauce. I couldn’t have asked for a better sandwich. The tostones were lightly fried and maintained a soft center, salted, and piping hot.

Sadly, the event was all done and over far quicker than I had hoped and hadn’t any more time to venture to the other food trucks. I did, however, come away with a new-found respect/burning-hunger for food trucks, and The Fish Box, in my opinion, was a fantastic example of what to expect from these gourmet rolling kitchens.