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Eggplant Cannelloni – Mamma Mia!

I borrowed this original recipe for Eggplant Cannelloni from Epicurious. But per the usual, we Nomsters don’t have every ingredient lying around in our cabinet, so we had to make do. Check out my recreation using discoveries from my pantry. This was so delicious we meant to save some for lunch the next day, but… NOM! And […]

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Bacon-Wrapped Goat Cheese Stuffed Dates

These delicious stuffed dates wrapped in bacon are always a party pleaser. Considering that they take only about 35 min from start to finish, they’re ideal for last minute situations. All too often you’re ready to go to a friend’s party and think, OMG wasn’t I supposed to bring something? These delicious Rumaki-style appetizers are perfect for this […]

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Pomelo Fruit Smoothie, a Bitter-Sweet Experiment

Pomelos. I’ve always seen them in the stores, yet never ate a pomelo. I didn’t know how they tasted like and I’m never one to skip on tasting something at least once. Out of curiosity, I bought a big old sack of pomelos for experimenting. Because why not. Fast forward a few days. There I was relaxing on my balcony […]

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World’s Best Lasagna… the FIRST time!

Since I am from Jersey, you’d think I may have grown up making lasagna, however, my family is German and not Italian, so I’m not the classic Italian “Jersey Girl” like you see on the “Jersey Shore.” Still, I was always curious about making lasagna – what goes into it and is it worth it? […]

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Ripened Plantains? Make Maduros!

As much as I am ½ Cuban descendant, and sad as it sounds I don’t really cook plantains. I know it’s a sin yadda but I don’t really fry much of anything, let alone plantains, however, this was an excellent opportunity to create a plantain side dish for Little Nomster. My first idea was to cook tostones, […]

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Pan Fried Grouper with Green Bean Salad

After the semi-successful failure of the perch experiment, I continued my trek into my seafood week. I pulled from the freezer a packed bag of grouper. Having cooked with grouper before and watching my dad fish it and my mom cook it, I knew how to fry it, bake it, and grill it. Basically, grouper it’s […]

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The Baked Perch Experiment, Epic Fail!

I never ate perch. Ever. I didn’t know what they looked like, and I especially had no idea just how little they actually are. I had reservations about the quantities I was actually getting per bag when I walked out from the supermarket, but I shrugged them off. It wasn’t until I emptied the entire contents […]

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Chops and The Mango Salsa

Six mangos were lying around in my fruit bin. Six beautiful, colorful, plump, ripe mangos. There they sat, chilling and ripening and not being used. It got me thinking and randomly the Geico commercial with the sophisticated cavemen eating dinner. You remember the one, where the caveman on the right orders the roast duck with the […]