Hurricane Irma, My Ride Thru The Storm

Hurricane Irma was heading to South Florida. All signs pointed to a catastrophic landfall in South Miami and stomping its way up through Fort Lauderdale and then north through Orlando and Jacksonville. There was no escape. Millions in South Florida prepared for days. We bought supplies, gas up our cars, and evacuated the area, but in […]

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It’s Been Forever, But Little Nomster Has Returned

Hot Damn! The Little Nomster is back! I’ve returned and it’s been way too long! Yeah I know it’s been forever but… I’m back at it. Well, I’ve kinda returned but I’m so super excited to get back to writing and posting to Little Nomster. For ye old followers and new ones, Little Nomster was […]

Salutations and the Love for Food

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, and just plain old salutations. Now that introductions and pleasantries out of the way let me begin with this… Ever had that deep burning desire to get something right in your life? Or had a bright idea you felt was sensational about? Perhaps you have a solid idea and you want to […]