Brooklyn Brewery Takeover at Tap42

Our American Craft Beer Week went into full swing at Tap 42’s Brooklyn Brewery Takeover Night. The takeover featured Brooklyn Brewery’s finest selection. Ranging from lagers to stouts, to even an experimental barleywine, the beers were delicious. Looking over the menu we elected to sample four of Brooklyn Brewery’s beers.

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For Craft Beer Week 2013, The Brooklyn Tap Takeover menu at Tap42. Looking forward to this years lineup.

Brooklyn Brewmaster’s Reserve, The Companion Barleywine, 10%
This beer was quite interesting. The smell is hoppy and sour making it seem as if the beer packs a bitter punch. With flavors of sour, bitter, hops and citrus it seems a little like…WHOA! But the most amazing thing about this beer is the SMOOTHNESS. It goes down easy with no lingering “kick” from these strong flavors. It also had little to no head, and had less carbonation than the average ale. The smoothness made me think of cask-pulled ales, but this one was on draught. It was confusing, cool and made me definitely want to sip this beer and enjoy it. The smoothness of the flavors was astounding. Definitely a unique and wonderful sipping beer.

Brooklyn Blast! Imperial IPA, 9%
The Brooklyn Blast! shined like a firecracker in the night sky. The fruity aromas of the ale plus the sweet tastes of citrus and hops made this beer a winner. Our favorite brew for Brooklyn Brewery Takeover. To be honest, the Brooklyn Blast reminds me of one of our favorites, Florida Beer’s Swamp Ape! I hope to see more of the Brooklyn Blast on tap at my local watering holes.

Brooklyn Brewmaster’s Reserve, Mary’s Maple Porter, 7.2%
Mary’s Maple Porter was true and tasty beer. At first sniff, you smell two things, chocolate (always a derivative of a dark porter) and the maple. The flavor of sweet maple does not dominate the beer, which is a good thing, but it does make itself known at first sip. Sniffing the beer brought me back to Sunday morning pancakes drizzled with Mrs. Butterworth. This beer had just the right amount of maple drizzle making it a crafty and casual drink.

Brooklyn Silver Anniversary Lager, 8.6%
The 25th Anniversary special made doppelbock was a casual beer. With hints of caramel, it would pair great with steaks. Yet, I want to say it’s unfortunate we ordered the Maple Porter and the Doppelbock at the same time. I say this because I think we lost the flavor profiles of this rich tasting beer to the sweetness of the Maple Porter. Don’t get us wrong. The Silver Anniversary was a good beer with a beautiful reddish hue. And we drank every last drop; that in itself is saying something. But I would like to get another crack at the 25th Anniversary Doppelbock and get to enjoy it by itself.

The Brooklyn Brewery Takeover was as fulfilling as it was fun. We had a blast trying new craft beers and expanding our beer knowledge. With the successful takeover at Tap42, Brooklyn Brewery also taken over our hearts.