The 2011 American-German Oktoberfest!

It’s been awhile since we actually posted a Nomster review. To be frank, the month of October is so crazy jam-packed with activities it’s hard to keep up with the pace. We’re actually passing up, a Johnnie Walker tasting tonight in Miami so you can imagine just how busy having a full-time job, and having some extra Nomster-curricular activities is! There is one thing we won’t pass up on, and it’s a good ol’ fashion Oktoberfest. Heralded as “the biggest German Oktoberfest in Florida”, the American-German Club of the Palm Beaches proudly presents its annual American-German Oktoberfest in Lantana, Fl!

The German food was amazing! It was a little foreign for my Hispanic blood but spot-on on every dish we tried. The pork schnitzel was a huge plate! My German counterpart Nomster in crime said the cabbage was excellent and authentic – with the strong flavors of cloves and cider vinegar. The potato pancakes, served to order, was piping hot to the touch and served with a scoop of lovely home-made apple sauce. We also sampled a plate of the apple strudel, though I would have preferred it warm, it tasted excellent room temperature. The last food item we sampled was the bratwurst; thin and long (that’s what she said) and placed in a bun (zinger!), the bratwurst was savory and not over cooked at all.

Lastly, one couldn’t go to a German Oktoberfest without sampling the great German beers! Ignoring the giant Bud Light sponsorship, I had a double sampling of Becks’ Oktoberfest beer and it instantly became one of my favorites! The beer is a full-bodied with barley taste and had a great hoppy aftertaste. I won’t say this for many beers, but it even tastes great at room temperature. Becks’ Oktoberfest beer is a great seasonal beer, and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves fall type beers which are heavier and tastier than the summer counterparts.

To say we had a blast at the American-German Club Oktoberfest is a true understatement We can’t wait for next year and the year after that because I think we’ll always attend this fantastic festival.