Tipsy Boar Craft Fest, Our End to ACBW

It’s been a busy Craft Beer Week for us. With the craft beer takeovers and reviewing our own stash of craft beers has left us pretty tired and spent. We’re not done though. As American Craft Beer Week was winding down we had one more celebration on our calendar. The Tipsy Boar Craft Fest in Hollywood, Fl. Although we didn’t actually wind down at this event since the beer was flowing! We happily had tastings from…

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Goose Island Beer Company

  • Mild Winter – this beer was light, hoppy, and tasted like a crisp alpine mountain brook.
  • Summertime – crisp, with hints of citrus and real refreshing. This beer would be great to sip while grilling over an open flame on the beach.

Osiris Brewing Company

  • Belgian Tripel – this beer was crisp, hoppy and full of flavor.
  • Jasmine IPA – this beer really stood out from the rest because of its interesting flowery, herbal aromas and flavors. Just the right amounts of flower and herb. A real up and comer.
  • Chocolate Bourbon Oatmeal Stout – this complex coffee flavored beer. Stashed away at the bottom of an icy barrel, we were lucky enough to try a small sample. The beer taste like you were eating a yummy loaf of whole-grain bread with a bit of honey. Hence the oatmeal and bourbon flavors.

These guys brewing this beer are super local – downtown Ft. Lauderdale – and we are so proud! Check out their story and beers here!

Abita Brewing Company

  • Spring IPA – the hoppiest beers we ever sampled today. I thought the beer was good. But the Nomster with her thumbs up in the picture said it reminded her of “fresh cut grass.” The aromas and flavor were natural and earthy. The cool thing about this beer, despite its light and golden color the hoppy flavor seemed misleading. Not in a bad way though. You think you are tasting a light citrus pilsner, but then the hops hit you. This made it one of the most unique beers we’ve had to date.
  • Lemon Wheat – this light and crisp beer caught our attention for its lemon scents and finish. Another great summer beer. It is high on lemon flavor though. So it’s not for those if you only like lighter lemon/citrus flavors.

The Tipsy Boar Craft Fest was a small craft beer festival – the first for the Tipsy Boar. Even so, there were two other breweries we didn’t get to taste, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company and Florida Beer Company. We are pretty familiar with these guys and they brew some great beers.

Tipsy Boar Craft Fest also features a small sampling of spirits and food. Absolut Orient Apple and Double Cross Vodka, were a nice touch. They had an awesome roasted pig, smoked to perfection, with tasty baked beans and more! I would highly recommend checking out The Tipsy Boar. Everyone at the event, as well as the owner/manager and the chef serving the roasted pig, were friendly and welcoming! The rest of the menu sounds amazing, and they have 40 beers on tap, wow! Def coming back for more! I’ll be checking for more beer tastings and events on Facebook here!