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The Not-So-Nomster Days

It was 2014 when I last published an official entry into Little Nomster. It was about my lovely visit to St. Augustine Distillery and the quaint old-style town I very much want to get back to. A lot has happened since that entry three years ago. I’ve stopped taking pictures, stopped traveling, and really dove deep into some emotional instabilities and unmentionables. I simply didn’t have the energy to continue with the blog. But something positive has come from those Not-So-Nomster Days. I’ve come to understand The Me. The I. The Myself.  And thru that I’ve formed and strengthened many bonds of friendship, most of whom I now call framily.

Through those Not-So-Nomster Days, I’ve gone through major weight gains and loss, joy, excitement, depression, and tons of anxiety. I remember when things started going south I developed an ulcer in my belly. All this turmoil stemming from the anxiety and stress I was handling on a day-to-day. Then I had an epiphany. I thought, “I should really stop what I’m doing in life and figure my shit out.” The idea wasn’t to wallow in self-pity but to elevate me.

It took me three years. A rough and tumultuous emotional three years but I’m at a much healthier phase in my life than I have been in nearly a decade. I’ve regained my love for a healthy lifestyle and I’m currently 20lbs lighter from when all this began. More importantly, I’ve rekindled my love with my camera and that means the world to me. Be it my DSLR or the convenience of my cell phone camera I’m always at the ready to snap a photo.

The Not-So-Nomster Days (2015-2016)

To wrap things up and put a pretty bow on it, I can sit here and say to myself, I really appreciated those years or self-growth. It’s been a liberating and healthy way for me to get past my issues and move on with life. I’m not saying I haven’t had any sad and depression filled days since. Of course, I get those days. I think everybody gets those days, but it’s what we do to cope that’s important. Wear those days like a cozy warm blanket and shut off to the world or rise above with physical activities it doesn’t matter. It’s the attempt that counts. And with that, I’m looking forward to seeing where my travels and adventures take me. Good days or bad.