Homecooked Trials

The Baked Perch Experiment, Epic Fail!

I never ate perch. Ever. I didn’t know what they looked like, and I especially had no idea just how little they actually are. I had reservations about the quantities I was actually getting per bag when I walked out from the supermarket, but I shrugged them off. It wasn’t until I emptied the entire contents of the bag and saw about 6 small frozen perch packages clank loudly on top of the counter did I realize my folly. As I mentioned earlier I never ate perch, I haven’t seen perch on a menu before, and until this writing, I didn’t even know perch was a freshwater fish. A small freshwater fish at that. I might as well have unloaded a goldfish bowl.

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Undercooked Perch, those heating instructions were bad.

Not knowing exactly what to do with perch, I decided to bake it. I cut a few leafs of romaine and sliced a few onions and lemon slices. Nothing extravagant.

  • I cut an onion into rings and placed them down on an oven pan
  • While preheating the oven to 425˚ I season the perch with salt, pepper, and simple a seafood spice for seafood.
  • Placing the perch on top of the onions I baked the fish for 7-8 minutes.

When it came time to place and present, I had the perch on a bed of tomato slices on a leaf of romaine lettuce with a dash of Caribbean Jerk sauce on the side.

Looking back, if I ever cook perch again, which is most likely a giant no, I would cook it for at least 15 minutes. Double the time I mentioned above. I seasoned it with some fennel and lemon black pepper, with a small side dish of brown or white rice.