Sweden, My Time and Photos

I remember being so excited and full of anxiety for my first trip to Sweden. I mean it was my first visit to Europe and an eye-opening experience to a different culture rolled into one. I didn’t know what to expect but what I got was an eyeful of gorgeous Viking descendants, too many Absolut vodka cocktails, rich hearty comfort foods, and vast acres of lush green forests.

My visits to Sweden spanned from 1999 – 2004. I’ve must have gone half-dozen time with each visit being a couple of weeks up to 3 months. The experiences I’ve had in Sweden were the building blocks of my early 20’s. It opened a hard close-minded view of life and allowed me to, thankfully, take up the camera again.

Armed with my trusty film loaded EOS REBEL S II and eventually a PowerShot S110 DIGITAL ELPH, I ventured all over Gothenburg snapping away photos and taking in everything around me. That little Powershot I took everywhere. All the Swedish bars, restaurants, road trips, holidays, wherever my feet took me, that little camera was right there with me.

Sweden From Various Trips (1999-2004)

I’ve always wanted to go back to Gothenburg since the day the last day I left. Circumstances haven’t really allowed it but I feel the pull to go back. I dearly miss all my close friends.

The time I spent in Sweden was more than just a holiday, I had family and real dear friends who lived there and took me in as their own. They, along with the culture and my experiences in Sweden, helped shaped my mind, spirit, and soul. For that, I’m really grateful and graciously humble.