Homecooked Trials

Pan Fried Grouper with Green Bean Salad

After the semi-successful failure of the perch experiment, I continued my trek into my seafood week. I pulled from the freezer a packed bag of grouper. Having cooked with grouper before and watching my dad fish it and my mom cook it, I knew how to fry it, bake it, and grill it. Basically, grouper it’s a great fish packed with flavor. The trick was looking inside the pantry and finding side dishes. Scouring into the world of canned vegetables, pasta boxes, and bottled sauces, I pulled a can of unsalted cut green beans and zesty chili flavored cut tomatoes.

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I remembered when I tried to be fancy and shit and undercooked the shit out this poor fish. When I threw it back into the pan I overcooked it, of course. The image is of the former. It might have well been caught fresh, dressed in chili sauce and placed on a plate. In any case, this here should have been a pan-fried grouper with sliced tomatoes and a side of green beans in chili sauce.

Pan Fried Grouper with Oregano
That was the exact thought process, pan-fry the grouper with flakes of oregano. I didn’t want to add too many spices and lose the flavor of the fish. And thine meat of the grouper is excellent on its own. I knew I wanted to pan fry some the tomatoes and lay the grouper on top, this way it wasn’t getting direct heat from the pan itself.

Green Beans
I’m not gonna lie, I had no idea what I was gonna do with this can. I knew I liked the taste, and I knew it would compliment the grouper really well. I scanned the side of the can and found the recipe for Green Bean Salad. The salad called for the green beans, tomatoes, onions, olive oil, and oregano which of course I had all these ingredients! Time to cook!

  • Firstly, I added the olive oil to the pan and let it heat up. Next, I drained and added half a can of the tomatoes to the hot pan.***
  • After things settled down, I reduced the heat and let the tomatoes sit for a few minutes. After which I placed the grouper on top of them, sprinkled oregano and covered the pan with a lid and let it cook for a few minutes. Next, I flipped the fish over carefully and let it sit until it was fully cooked.
  • I drained the green beans in a strainer. I added more olive oil in a rice cooker bowl (I don’t have a saucepan), placed it a burner and added sliced onions. I let them cook and sautée few four minutes until tender. Next, I added the green beans and the rest of the tomatoes, and added a generous amount of oregano and mixed them. Turned down the heat to low, I let them sit until hot and warm.

When it was all said and done, the grouper tasted excellent. The green bean salad, of which I never had, was better tasting than I could have imagined. They paired excellently together, and if I had a glass of white wine, it would have topped the evening off perfectly. In the end, I think this was an excellent use of the items in my pantry and by luck was able to make a great green bean salad I’d gladly make again.

*** I have to include this story. OK, so not knowing that I had put the heat up to high/medium the oil in the pan was actually very very hot. So hot in fact when I scooped the tomatoes with a serving ladle and put them in the pan, the oil, and the water from the can, erupted in a flash of hot red tomato oil. It covered everything in a 6-inch radius. The heat was so intense it set off the fire alarm in the house and I had to take a phone call to reassure the Brinks people there was no fire in the house. Lesson learned for sure. No water in an extremely hot oil pan.