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Holy Mackerel Panic Attack Beer, Rogue Dead Guy Ale

Let me start by saying, Holy Mackerel Panic Attack Beer tastes like fish! Laureen would whole-heartedly disagree, but man alive! It tasted like bait! So now we are going to do a two-person conflicting review of this beer for those who want to check it out for themselves! I was not a fan of this […]

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Riverwalk Trust, Gourmet in the Park 2011

For a while now, Little Nomster has been aching to attend a public food event as our first official event. When I read about the Gourmet in the Park by the Riverwalk Trust was the perfect first event! I figured I’d try some great foods from the popular food trucks of South Florida and see […]

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Pan Fried Grouper with Green Bean Salad

After the semi-successful failure of the perch experiment, I continued my trek into my seafood week. I pulled from the freezer a packed bag of grouper. Having cooked with grouper before and watching my dad fish it and my mom cook it, I knew how to fry it, bake it, and grill it. Basically, grouper it’s […]

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The Baked Perch Experiment, Epic Fail!

I never ate perch. Ever. I didn’t know what they looked like, and I especially had no idea just how little they actually are. I had reservations about the quantities I was actually getting per bag when I walked out from the supermarket, but I shrugged them off. It wasn’t until I emptied the entire contents […]

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Florida Native Lager! Who Knew? Not Us!

Enter the World Famous Parrot Lounge. I’ve been a regular customer at The Parrot on Wednesday nights, happy hours, and Taco Tuesdays, they serve really tasty foods, and they always had a great (albeit small) selection of craft beers. This time around though The Parrot had a special on a beer I haven’t heard of, […]

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Chops and The Mango Salsa

Six mangos were lying around in my fruit bin. Six beautiful, colorful, plump, ripe mangos. There they sat, chilling and ripening and not being used. It got me thinking and randomly the Geico commercial with the sophisticated cavemen eating dinner. You remember the one, where the caveman on the right orders the roast duck with the […]

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The Lonely Turkey Kielbasa

Today I wasn’t in the mood for canned meats, I wasn’t in the mood for pasta, and I for sure didn’t want to order take out or delivery. Working my way down the fridge I opened the “meats” drawer when I came across an emergency reserve of turkey kielbasa. It was simply laying there in the corner […]

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Chops and Berries

While cooking pork chops last night and amidst a pork chop flip I came to a sudden realization… why am I not recording this?! Or at the very least taking snapshots! Pork Chops – seasoned with island style spices and calorie free barbecue sauce. Spiced side down, I grilled the chops for 8 minutes on low on […]