New Times Pairings 2014

We love the New Times Pairings event. We think it’s The Broward-Palm Beach New Times’ best-held event, and like clockwork, we go every year. New Times Pairings 2014 was no exception. As avid attendees to these food tasting type events, we know that sometimes these fail miserably. Showcasing mediocre food, poor planning, and it can so crowded you can hardly enjoy yourself (Read about the failures at Iron Fork 2013). However, Pairings 2014 was actually, well, quite perfect.

I would go out on a limb to say ALL of the dishes were tasty and well thought out, well-balanced and cooked perfectly despite the scavenging masses. I give everyone showcasing food at the event major props for showcasing great cuisine – after all, the point is to make me want to go to your restaurant right? We spoke to chefs, bar managers and owners and all them were excited to be showcasing their foods and their beer/wine pairings. We’d like to close this short entry with a few of the standouts not in any particular order.

Rebel House – Pork Belly Sandwich and Pork Rinds
This sandwich was a delicious comfort food. It had loads of cheese and perfectly cooked pork. The pork rinds were sprinkled with wasabi dust which was unexpected and tasty.

3030 Ocean – Farro Salad topped with Porchetta
Beautifully presented, see photo. Delicious and refreshing farro salad included cranberries, walnuts, butternut squash and more.

Alibi Catering – Pork Belly and – Paired with Goose Island Pepe
The dish and the beer on its own were very good, but together, this was GREAT. Just heavenly. Best pairing of the night. While chowing on the pork belly and sipping the beer, nutty flavors abounded. It almost tasted like peanut butter.

Again New Times Pairings 2014 was terrific and excellent. No issues. Looking forward to the 2015 and what it has in store for us foodies.