Booze Tastings

Metaxa For Enthusiasts and Newbies

Metaxa is the devil of Greek brandy. That being said, Metaxa is a real good brandy. Imported from Greece, this brandy demonstrates loads of character and flavor. The caramel tones and aromas will persuade any brandy non-enthusiast into taking a sip.

For newcomers, the aromas have a strong hint of alcohol. I suggest sniffing this drink like you would a scotch and don’t stick your nose in it. Rather, swirl it around and from a small distance from the nose, take a whiff.

If the drink is too stiff for you, put a single ice cube in it. Don’t underestimate this great-tasting brandy, it will put you on your ass if you don’t watch out. Metaxa is above all things a sipping drink.