From The Heart

It’s Been Forever, But Little Nomster Has Returned

Hot Damn!
The Little Nomster is back! I’ve returned and it’s been way too long! Yeah I know it’s been forever but… I’m back at it.

Well, I’ve kinda returned but I’m so super excited to get back to writing and posting to Little Nomster. For ye old followers and new ones, Little Nomster was at its core a foodie blog. It dabbled on reporting local events, beer/bar/restaurant reviews, and home concocted recipes. But, the stress of keeping the site maintained with fresh content coupled with outside stress deep-sixed any new content. For almost two years the blog went untouched.

Some Background
I’ve spent the last few months deleting irrelevant shit and held on to all the cool stuff that was Little Nomster. Even though some places had closed its doors, I’m still leaving the reviews and photos. It’s a reminder for me to not be so occupied about posting fresh new content and have fun instead.

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Consolidation, Baby!
In the grand scheme of things, I’m merging my personal site and Little Nomster into one. ┬áThis allows me to share not only some foodie things but also all my past and future travels and adventures. And if at the same time if I can share some of my photographs to the interwebs than I’m happy for it.

I’m starting fresh and I can’t wait to get started!