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Little Nomster Presents Bikinis & Brewskis

Despite the heat and the humidity and the typical afternoon thunderstorms our first beer tasting, Little Nomster Presents Bikinis & Brewskis was a hit! We weren’t going to let cold pelting tropical rain ruin our first official event — and we didn’t! We stuck around huddled underneath a beach patio tent pouring flights and nomming down on grilled burgers and bratwursts. Even as the winds picked up and the rains came down and the temperature dropped.

Bikinis & Brewskis was a great time to meet new friends and enjoy old ones. We’d like to thank everyone who came out to support us and brought other craft beers for the tasting. We hope everyone had a great time!

The beer flights included three hard ciders from Angry Orchard and Redd’s Apple Ale. Lagers from Third Shift Band of Brewers and Florida Beer Company. Ales from LeffeDogfish Head and Lagunitas Brewing Company.

Angry Orchard. Of the three flavors (Crisp Apple, Elderflower, and Apple Ginger) everyone loved the Apple Ginger best. Especially the ladies. It was refreshing, big on taste and even gluten-free for those on special diets or training for triathlons, as one of our guests is doing.

Redd’s Apple Ale. A tasty light ale with hints of apple. After tasting the Angry Orchard, this beer tasted less “apple-y” then we expected, but it still was a good, fruity ale.

Third Shift Amber Lager. Though it’s brewed by Coors Brewing Company, this somewhat “crafty” take on a beer for the masses was pleasing. Tasting full like an IPA but without any hops, yet with wheat and malty hints this beer had flavors great for pleasing everyone at a party. A definite a step up to bring to any gathering. Mostly everyone enjoyed this. Nothing to write home about but pleasing to everyone at the party!

Florida Lager. From the Florida Beer Company and makers of one of our fav IPA’s Swamp Ape, comes Florida Lager. Again, nothing to write home about, but a great beer for being on the beach. With slight citrus flavors and a bit of wheat, this beer was crisp and light for a hot day.

Leffe Belgian Ale. Though I enjoy hearty-wheat Belgian ales, many of those at the party did not love this beer. Because of the flavors of citrus, banana (from the wheat) and malty wheat, I feel maybe this had a bit too much wheat or “full” flavor for the average drinker. Also, some people just don’t like any hints of banana in their beers. It’s also not a beer you drink when it’s sweltering hot out – in fact you’d have this beer on a cold night with meat and potatoes. If you like hefeweizens, this is a sure hit!

Dogfish Head Life & Limb Rhizing Bines. Brewed with grapes, this beer did have a medium piney and hoppy flavor with slight hints of white wine. This beer also had flavors of malts and bread. The non-craft drinkers didn’t enjoy this beer, but I know we were getting into crazy territory here. This is a super complex beer with tons of flavor and at the tasting it was interesting to hear what flavors everyone discovered.

Lagunitas Lucky 13. This red ale is super hoppy, yet had great flavors of caramel and refreshing fruit. It pours almost with the thickness of a honey, with color separation and some, yet then “blends” itself together to one beautiful golden color. This is a smooth, creamy textured beer yet with flavors that bode well with hot summer days and Florida evenings.

We loved the cooked meats and the craft brews our friends brought to our Bikinis & Brewskis event. And by the end of the evening, we were sipping on mango-mixed cocktails, swimming in the condo pool and enjoying the stunning Florida sunset.