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JoJo’s Tacos, A Cinco De Mayo Review

As of September 2016, JoJo’s Tacos has closed its doors.

For Cinco de Mayo we wanted something new and fun and yummy to eat. We ventured to the Lauderdale-By-The-Sea area and had a difficult time deciding what to eat. We heard some positive things from a few friends about JoJo’s Tacos, but since they’re awesome food beckoning you from all directions, we never made it to JoJo’s Tacos!

Walking up the curb we couldn’t see anything past the windows. The heavy tinted windows of made it difficult to see inside, but we can understand why. The windows facing north and west the sun’s rays can easily disrupt an enjoyable meal. Once inside we felt right at home. The super comfy and cute Mexican decor gave the restaurant a cozy “mi casa es su casa” vibe.

We made our orders and sat down. Our friendly server brought us a little basket of chips and some pico de gallo. The chips and pico were amazing. The chips are made in-house – taking corn tortillas and frying them into strips. These were definitely the most yummy tortilla chips I have ever had – quite a claim, but true! The pico was a great combo of flavors, very tasty and not bland at all – as some picos tend to be. This stuff was fresh and flavorful.

Our tacos arrived in a reasonable amount of time – not too early and not too late. The tacos came in small corn tortillas piled with gourmet toppings. We ordered 3 tacos to share all costing from $5.00-5.50 with chips on the side. Our only wonder was, our tacos didn’t come with their chips. Okay, so the lil’ basket of chips we got supposedly had our three sides of chips in it? Hmm. I don’t think so. Then another couple came in and ordered just two tacos and received the same basket size of chips. Next time, please bring me THREE sides of chips, not TWO. This irked us a bit. But onto the tacos…

Poppie’s Piglet
Roasted Pork Butt, Pickled Jalapenos Romaine, Queso Blanco. Best with JoJo’s Churri.
The marinated pork butt was perfect. With just enough savory juicy flavor stealing from the earthy tasting meat. The churri was also flavorful as hell. This chef knows flavor. This was our favorite taco of the bunch!

Frisky Brisket
Red Chile Braised Brisket, Blue Agave Cilantro Slaw, Potato Sticks, Sour Cream.
The brisket was wonderful as well. All ingredients also paired together with perfection. The potato sticks added some tasty crispy texture, a nice touch. Again, well done on the marrying of flavors.

Skip’s Rock Shrimp
Crispy Flash Fried Rock Shrimp, Celery, Crumbled Blue Cheese, New Mexican Buffalo Sauce, Crema Azul.
The pan fried and semi-crispy shrimp could have been more flash fried or tempura-ed just for the right crisp. The buffalo sauce was also so overpowering, I hardly tasted anything else. This tasted more like a fried shrimp sandwich with buffalo sauce at Flanigans or a sports bar. The dish seemed less like it belonged at JoJo’s. Lighten up on the sauce, and REALLY flash fry the shrimp and we’re golden. Perhaps it could use more slaw to tone down the buffalo flavor.

All in all, JoJo’s Tacos had some wonderful flavors and excellent chips (if they serve you the right amount). We did feel that one and a half tacos could also fill you up as they are piled with ingredients – which was nice. Price is about even – would be better if they served a better amount of chips on the side to make it well worth it.