Iron Fork 2014 Serves Up Miami Spice

We had little reservations attending Iron Fork 2014. Last year, in our opinion, was a bust. But our love Iron Fork brings us back and we know how vital it is for local Miami restaurants new and old. Iron Fork 2014 stayed true to its core values and served up a spectacular evening.

Acting as the kickoff for the city’s annual Miami Spice, Iron Fork 2014 touched down inside the beautiful Hyatt Regency. The beautiful hotel is in the heart of downtown Miami looking over the calm and slow moving Miami River. Inside the lobby, the event was split between two large ballrooms. The lobby floor showcased all the participating restaurants of this year’s Miami Spice. Notable restaurants included Bulla Gastropub, Fish Fish, The Rusty Pelican, Morton’s The Steakhouse, Cibo, and Toro Toro. The ground floor included all the Iron Fork restaurants with superb dishes from CRAVE, Gilbert’s Bakery, Los Ranchos, and Uvaggio Wine Bar.

The real standouts though were the tassot fried goat from Chef Creole Seafood and Catering. Packed with a healthy amount of spice the fried goat wasn’t too hot and the meat slid off the goat bone. This creole dish had us wanting seconds. The other standout was the gnocchi and meatballs from Fratelli La Buffala. This really took home the dish for us. The creamy gnocchi balls were excellently flavored and textured. The meatballs were soft, tasty, with a perfect balance of acid and sweetness. This booth in our opinion was best-in-show.

We’d like to take this time to point out this year’s restaurants brought dishes of excellent quality. Sadly, there were some “cons” to Iron Fork 2014 such as the long lines on the lobby floor and the shortage of food from the Miami Spice restaurants. We understand because of the logistics everyone flocked to lobby room first. However, compared to last year’s ceviche five ways from Sunday, the location of the event, and the serene views of the Miami River made this year’s Iron Fork a real treat.