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Holy Mackerel Panic Attack Beer, Rogue Dead Guy Ale

Let me start by saying, Holy Mackerel Panic Attack Beer tastes like fish! Laureen would whole-heartedly disagree, but man alive! It tasted like bait! So now we are going to do a two-person conflicting review of this beer for those who want to check it out for themselves!

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Holy Mackerel Panic Attack vs Rogue Dead Guy Ale

I was not a fan of this craft beer. I didn’t like the rich nutty, chocolate flavors, and I didn’t like the lingering aftertaste of chum. It smelled very much like potpourri, but the taste was so much like dead fish, I think Holy Mackerel Panic Attach was aptly named, fishy and it gave me an attack. I didn’t like it so much in fact; I had to finish it all to make sure I truly hated this beer. To make sure it would be forever seared into memory.

I did find it odd, after passing the beer around to my friends; all the men hated the beer while all the women loved it. Yeah I know, I don’t get it either.

I don’t want to bash Panic Attack, and Holy Mackerel do make some great beer (Golden Ale is really tasty) it’s clear enough the women did enjoy the beer and went as far to say they’d enjoy it as a sipping beer. Perhaps the appetizer of blackened mahi-mahi beforehand affected my palette, or maybe it didn’t. In either case, if you’re a fan of rich nutty beers, absolutely try out Panic Attack, its 10% alcohol will leave you loving it or hating it.

Rogue Dead Guy Ale
On the other hand, Rogue Dead Guy Ale was yummy, hearty, and a warm bodied ale. It had a slightly bitter aftertaste with lots of hops, making it quite different from the Panic Attack. Dead Guy Ale I can see myself having in my fridge and breaking out at small parties with close friends.

From the other side, the woman’s perspective…
I felt that Malk having a slightly fruity beer earlier and having blackened mahi-mahi ruined his palette for this beer. Perhaps women’s palette’s “bounce back” better after certain flavors? Perhaps we can multitask, like drink a fruity beer, have spices on our mahi-mahi and then do a 180 to a more chocolate beer? Don’t mind the jabs, whatever the case, my girlfriend and I enjoyed the Panic Attack beer. I thought the taste was very caramel and nutty at first. I also think it melted in your mouth like a piece of chocolate. It was all around an interesting flavor and I give Holy Mackerel props for bringing a distinct flavor to the table. I do think pairing it with the right food may be key. Because of the flavors, I’d pair it with pretzels and nuts at the bar, some “winter” or “comfort” foods like meat and potatoes such as bangers and mash. Even a meatloaf would taste great with this beer! Aside from food pairing it correctly, it was a great sipping beer too, but just don’t have a light fruity beer prior to it since it will confuse your taste buds!

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