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Funky Buddha Grand Opening Brews, Super Tasty!

I wish I could put last Saturday on repeat because it was an amazing Funky Buddha Grand Opening! Minus the rain, everything was a party at Funky Buddha. The beers flowed fresh from the brewery and I had my fix of my favorite food truck sandwiches, Ms. Cheezious. I enjoyed many tipsy conversations with craft brew enthusiasts in the portapotty line. Although I was skeptical that this girl just wanted to get in front of me to pee.

It was an all-out beerfest for us as we tasted (almost) every single beer, and then had seconds. Good thing some of the cups were only 10 oz. or we would have crawled home. We’d also like to pat Funky Buddha on the back for having a nice ticket system that really worked out! It totally eliminated the wait for beers and confusion with money and tabs. On busy nights, this system could be used anytime.

So here are the crafty creations of the beers at the Funky Buddha Grand Opening with some great remarks from us.

Passionfruit Berliner Weisse 5% ABV
This was like a fruity tropical champagne. Great for breakfast instead of a mimosa!

Hoppy Berliner Weiss 5% ABV
Super interesting. I wasn’t sure how a hoppy cider/champagne-type beer would taste without a fruity kick. Instead, the flavors were herbal hops and sour. The beer had a strong kick of sour. So if you tend to like the sours category of beer but are looking for something refreshing, check it out!

Floridian Hefeweizen 6% ABV
Hmm. As a German and a big fan of hefeweizen’s I really wouldn’t categorize this as a hefeweizen style beer at all. Perhaps its brewed using the same processes, but the end result was not your traditional wheat, banana and citrus (mostly orange) flavors. This beer tasted like a lemon explosion. Much like Abita’s Lemon Wheat or Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy. I lost the usual pleasing wheat and banana. As “Floridian” it works, as a hefeweizen, it doesn’t really work.

Ginger Lemongrass Wheat Ale 4.7% ABV
This was an amazing explosion of flavors. Obviously it would be great with some Thai food or similarly spiced food. Also, it would make a great cordial at the end of lunch or dinner. The ginger and lemons really do take charge, so if you are looking for a milder flavor, don’t choose this one! It was almost “over-flavored” as a few sips in, the flavor lingered on, thus causing this to be a beer you sip slowly. However, if you’re looking for a refreshing paradise of flavors that almost makes this beer seem like a dessert, then this is your beer.

Malcom: This beer was not “an explosion of flavors” to me. Was it tasty? Heck, yes it was. Would I order it again, probably not. I think it is a refreshing beer, and the lemongrass was ever-present, but in the end for me, this is a chick beer. All the women around us loved it, and that’s all I’m saying… We had a similar disagreement about Panic Attack.

Cabana Boy Wheat 4.7% ABV
I’m not sure. But maybe because I had other beers with such distinct flavor I didn’t get to taste much of anything from this beer. Or maybe it’s just not my thing. The flavors of wheat and a light banana popped up a bit but all in all the beer was smooth and extremely mild. A little too bland for my taste buds. I also envisioned from the name, a bit of a tropical fruity kick, but i didn’t find it there. =(

Malcom: I have to disagree. I thought this was one of the best light beers the Funky Buddha had. I know because I ordered it two times back-to-back. As a big fan of real refreshing beers, this kicked the door in and made itself known. I can see myself having this beer at the beach, poolside, and grilling on a hot summer day. This is a good beer to start the day with.

Bonita Applebum Apple Pie Ale 6.4% ABV
Not one of my favorites. On the first sip, I tasted only a tiny bit of crispy apple. As I drank more it tasted like a cinnamon pie, without apples. I think this beer could use a bit more apple flavors, especially if “apple” appears twice in the name. I actually like cinnamon and the flavors were pleasing, but I’m being heartless because it really didn’t have enough apple. You taste it slightly on the first sip and then it disappears.

Combat Rock Amber Ale 5.2% ABV
The Combat Rock regrettably had the misfortune of being the “end of the night” beer. After sampling a good chunk of what Funk Buddha had to offer, the Combat Rock was rather lost on us. It still held its own against the likes of the other juggernauts of flavor like the No Crust and the Doc Brown. A simple, tasty amber through and through, we still recommend this beer to anyone looking for a great all around brew. It is generally an all around, basic, pleasing beer for anyone.

Hop Gun IPA 7.3% ABV
A really great IPA. Up there with some of our favorites including Terrapin Hopsecutioner, FBC Swamp Ape, Victory Hop Devil and Cigar City Jai Alai. If you love omnipotent piney and herbal hops with that bitter grapefruit-like kick, then this is the beer.

Malcom: People, this is a super hoppy IPA. We’re not kidding when we compare it to the Hopsecutioner. One sip of the Hop Gun will probably make your head spin. If you don’t like the hoppy taste of beers, you can pass on this one. We love it, so we will have this every time we come here.

No Crusts (Pb&J Brown Ale) 6.3% ABV
I WANT TO HAVE THIS EVERY DAY FOR BREAKFAST, LUNCH, AND DINNER. Need I say more? This was the most memorable and winning beer of the evening. If you don’t like a little sweetness though, beware of the PB & J as it’s “jelly” flavors do hit you with a bit of sugary sweetness. This tasted just like a good sandwich and it was mind-blowing. Literally, I could drink this for dinner and not even notice I didn’t eat. It’s an addiction. I’m salivating writing about it…

Doc Brown’s 1.21 Gig watts (Brown Ale) 6.3% ABV
The Doc Brown Ale is right next to the OP Porter in terms of its smooth finish. It’s as if the Doc Brown is its little cousin. It has more hops than the OP, and it’s more aromatic. The finish is just as enjoyable. This brown-bodied ale is another fun beer from Funky Buddha, and I’m not saying this because I’m a Back to the Future fan. I mean I am, but there was no influence on my part. Ok, maybe just a little bit, GREAT SCOTT!

Last Snow (Coconut, White Chocolate, Coffee)
Malcom hated this beer. But only because he hates coconut and ordered the beer by name without knowing the flavors. I thought this had an interesting complexity of flavors. The coconut, white chocolate, and coffee flavors blended together perfectly. But also you could sit and sip it to discover each flavor alone. It was a bit whimsical, dessert-y and sweet for me, but I definitely thought you could totally do some cool things with it like:

  1. 1. Mix it into bread pudding.
  2. 2. Soak lady fingers into it and make a creative rendition of Tiramisu.
  3. 3. Pour it over vanilla ice cream, walnuts and caramel.

OP Porter 6.3% ABV
Malcom: OP Porter might be one of the smoothest beers we’ve had from Funky Buddha. It’s silky smooth finish with subtle hints of malts make this one of my favorite beers here. I really enjoyed the chocolate aromas this beer gave off – before you put the beer to lips, you already picked up hints of its rich essence. I can really see myself ordering OP Porter whenever I want to sit and relax at the Funky Buddha.

Laureen: The flavors were very rich, malty and chocolatey. But don’t confuse this with the overall “richness” of the beer. The beer itself was smooth with just the right amount of flavor – when I say “richness, ” I don’t mean it was a “heavy” beer. It actually filled me up less than your usual stout, porter, or Guinness, which is a good thing! More room for more beer!

Connect with Funky Buddha on Facebook for details on what food trucks are visiting, special brews and what games are on! We’ll be there getting our fill for many days to come! Congrats Funky Buddha on a terrific Funky Buddha Grand Opening! Also, props to you for having great food trucks daily – including Ms. Cheezious with their wonderful goat cheese/prosciutto/arugula sandwich.

The Jersey side of me says, “This is a classy neighbahood joint.”