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Florida Native Lager! Who Knew? Not Us!

Enter the World Famous Parrot Lounge. I’ve been a regular customer at The Parrot on Wednesday nights, happy hours, and Taco Tuesdays, they serve really tasty foods, and they always had a great (albeit small) selection of craft beers. This time around though The Parrot had a special on a beer I haven’t heard of, Native Lager by the Native Brewing Company.

Beer, The Parrot, World Famous Parrot
A wonderful tasting lager with a hoppy finish.

“Native Lager”, what the hell, why not? I quickly ordered a pint from the bartender and ask to see the bottle. I’ve never seen this bottle at my local liquor stores and shopping marts. I then looked at the pint glass sitting in front me filled to the rim with this golden beer. I took in its smell and its aroma. Smelling of slight hops and little tinges of barley, I put the glass to my lips and drank in a small amount. Tasty but not overbearing with bitterness. I took in a copious gulp. The taste was familiar, almost German, I couldn’t quite place the comparison, but I would have to say, it tasted very similar to Tucher Helles Hefe Weizen. Which in my opinion is an exceptional beer. The blonde beer was lightweight with a medium robust taste, I think it’s a great combination of the two and executed well.

By the end of the night, I consumed two of these bad boys with a chicken Philly cheese steak and fries. In hindsight, I didn’t think the beer complimented the meal, mostly in part to the cheese, not the sandwich; had it had been sharp cheddar cheese we’re talking a home run here.

I won’t forget Native Lager anytime soon.