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Experimenting With Nali Sauce

Rarely we use new sauces or spices when we cook. It’s rather unfortunate, to be honest. Be that as it may, last night I wanted to dig deep into our spice cabinet and use a new ingredient. I’ve been wanting to use but never got around to it. Pushing aside the bottles of the salt, pepper, paprika, chili, and cayenne I reached far back into the cabinet. I came across a thin brown bottle. Our long forgotten Nali sauce.


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Good Nali, but sadly out of production.

I didn’t know before hand but Nali is a super popular Piri Piri sauce from the Republic of Malawi. Only sold in its home country, Nali is incredibly hard to find outside of Malawi. It wasn’t until October 2013 when Nali finally opened their official online store for international sales. Nali fans from around the world now have a chance to cook with their incredible sauce.

Unfortunately, our specific Nali BBQ Chicken Chili Sauce is discontinued. Yet it still packs a mighty spicy kick, enough to scorch my tongue while cooking with it. What’s more interesting, the barbecue sauce doesn’t taste like traditional American barbecue. Whereas American barbecue sauces are thick and viscous, Nali is more akin to Tabasco Hot Sauce, it’s watery and packs a tear-inducing wallop.
Piri Piri also called African bird’s eye chili is a cultivar of Capsicum frutescens. A chili pepper that grows both in the wild and domesticated. It’s found in Malawi, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and the tropical forests of South Sudan & the southern half of Ethiopia.

I like Nali Sauce, and we’re proud owners of three other Nali flavors; Nali Garlic, Nali Ginger, and Nali Very Hot. For you hot sauce seekers out there, keep Nali in mind and keep a look out when we open our other bottles.