Checkers Old Munchen a German Beer Tasting!

If you haven’t been to any of Checkers Old Munchen German Beer Tasting sessions, then you’re in for a treat. The restaurant serves anywhere from 8 – 10 German beers ranging from pilsners to doppelbocks, served in small 6 ounce glasses. As a special treat, the staff brings in their own home-cooked specialties and it’s all served buffet style inside the restaurant. Each menu has a raffle ticket attached and at the end of the night, prizes are raffled off. Great prizes too like a six pack of whichever beer you choose, a glass das boot, and other goodies.

Below is our rating from both Nomsters.
Guide = Beer Name | Malcom’s Score | Laureen’s Score

Shiner Bock Ruby Red | B- | A
[Malcom] I liked the taste of the beer however it was a little too sweet for me. I like my beers hoppy with a slightly bitter aftertaste.

[Laureen+girls] Girl beer, I say that lovingly! Perfectly refreshing with a serious grapefruit and citrus note. For a hot summer day, or paired with a crisp salad or picnic fare, this beer would really be a killer.

Bischoff Pilsner B+
[Malcom] I really did like this beer, however, I felt like it didn’t have anything to distinguish itself from other pilsners.

[Laureen] Agree. Refreshing and light like a pilsner should be, but of course, we already like pilsners and are maybe critical because we have favorites already.

Hacker-Pschorr Munich Gold  | B+ | D
[Malcom] Again another really tasty pilsner, however, it lacks the character to give any real definition.

[Laureen] This lacked any real flavor or definition to me. Maybe the beers prior were tastier and thus this didn’t have any character after tasting those. I really couldn’t pick anything out of it, it tasted very light/watery which was funny because it came after lighter beers.

Spaten Oktoberfest | A-
[Malcom] This here is a great beer. I maybe a little biased as it was my beer of choice at the American-German Oktoberfest and I got my first Boot there. I loved the fall flavors and the smell of herbs when sniffing the beer.

[Laureen] Also one of my favorites. It tastes like fall all over it. Like fresh fall air and very light hints of cinnamon or pumpkin.

Ayinger Hefe-Weizen | D+  | A+
[Malcom] Look I know it’s a harsh grade, probably not really justified looking back on it, but I really don’t like the taste of bananas other than on bananas and candy. That being said, not a fan of this one.

[Laureen] This beer is GREAT and full of complexity. All that matters is your taste buds and preference. Yes, if you don’t like bananas in general you probably won’t like this beer. But this beer had multiple flavors that hit at all the right times, one of them being a banana flavor and the heavy but wonderful flavor of golden wheat . Would pair great with your meat and potatoes!

Julius Echter Hefe-Weizen Dunkel | C+ | A+
[Malcom] This one also had a banana flavor to it, though it was slightly tolerable. The flavor was being masked by the fruity notes, still, it’s there…

[Laureen] Another GREAT complex beer. Very close to the flavors of the banana and wheat of the Ayinger, but as it is darker, had that fuller flavor with an added cherry or chocolate hint.

Kostritzer Schwarzbier | B- | B
[Malcom] Now we’re getting into the real dark beers. I really liked this one, but again, as far as dark beers go this had a little character to it, but tasty none the less.

[Laureen] I don’t prefer the darker of beers, I often stop at the Dunkels, which I enjoy so much. Yet I did have to say this was not a “scary” dark beer that felt to filling or heavy, it had the dark beer nuttier flavors without the heaviness which is why I enjoyed it.

Bischoff Doppel Bock | B- | A
[Malcom] By far the strongest of all the beers on the list. Coming in at 8% abv, this dark beer was no slouch. Rich in flavor and hints of aromatics like coffee and chocolate. This was one of the tasty beers for the night.

[Laureen] Yes, I’d agree that this beer was an extremely great dark beer. I also found that aside from the coffee and chocolate it even had a slightly more cherry chocolate hit in there. It had deep and strong flavors, great for sipping and savoring. And, any beer that’s high in alcohol content is awesome. =)

We’d like to say thanks to the staff of Checkers Old Munchen for having us over for their German Beer Tasting event. You guys have now officially made on our top German eatery and drinkery (as if you weren’t already!), and yes we just made that word up.

Thanks again to Mat Moore, owner and friend of Little Nomster, we now look forward to Checkers Old Munchen Beer Tasting whenever you have one! Prost!