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The Easy Way to Make a Rum Old Fashioned

Having a party and can’t think of thing to serve your guests? We got you, folks. Follow this recipe to make your very own Nomster approved Rum Old Fashioned. Ingredients 12 ounces of aged rum. In the video, we chose Cruzan Aged Dark Rum. It has a sweet oak flavor with very little bite. 3 ounces of Light Agave Nectar. You can […]

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Metaxa For Enthusiasts and Newbies

Metaxa is the devil of Greek brandy. That being said, Metaxa is a real good brandy. Imported from Greece, this brandy demonstrates loads of character and flavor. The caramel tones and aromas will persuade any brandy non-enthusiast into taking a sip. For newcomers, the aromas have a strong hint of alcohol. I suggest sniffing this drink like you would […]

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Bacardi Oakheart, A Sipping and a Taste

Cracking open Bacardi’s newest edition to their lineup, Bacardi Oakheart, I can really smell the hints of caramel and honey, with a hint of sweet smokiness. Sipping the rum was delectable with a delicate mix of flavors. It wasn’t too strong and it wasn’t too smooth This rum doesn’t even need a mixer to go with […]

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Grapefruit Saketini, A Saké Cocktal

Easy and breezy! Since I do not drink vodka often and the owner of the Grey Goose NEVER drinks vodka, especially flavored, I decided to mix it into something. Coincidentally, I also had some saké lying around.   Ingredients: 2 oz (Shot glass size) of saké (in my case I used Cloudy/Unfiltered saké for more flavor.) […]

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Holy Mackerel Panic Attack Beer, Rogue Dead Guy Ale

Let me start by saying, Holy Mackerel Panic Attack Beer tastes like fish! Laureen would whole-heartedly disagree, but man alive! It tasted like bait! So now we are going to do a two-person conflicting review of this beer for those who want to check it out for themselves! I was not a fan of this […]

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Florida Native Lager! Who Knew? Not Us!

Enter the World Famous Parrot Lounge. I’ve been a regular customer at The Parrot on Wednesday nights, happy hours, and Taco Tuesdays, they serve really tasty foods, and they always had a great (albeit small) selection of craft beers. This time around though The Parrot had a special on a beer I haven’t heard of, […]