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Barrel of Monks, Boca Raton’s Belgian Brewhouse

A couple months ago I walked into Barrel of Monks not knowing much about the brewery. I heard it was cozy and highly recommended from locals and friends. With a quick Google search, I also knew that Barrel of Monks Brewing specialized in Belgian-inspired ales, and the Boca Raton craft beer brewery offered guided tours and beer flights of their signature brews. I didn’t know I ‘d be relaxing with several beer flights, taking the said tour, and walking away with a 32oz beer growler.

About the Brewery
The moment I walked into the brewery’s tasting toom I knew the recommendations were spot on. The tasting room was dark and cozy with brick walls wrapped throughout and large dimly lit chandeliers. On one side of the room were large brown, comfy, and plushy-as-all-hell sofas with classic board games laid out on tables. On the opposite side were several high tops and a large screen tv. The main bar was front and center of it all. There was a mirror just behind the bar taps. It was spotted and speckled dark with stained gold flecking showing its age. I found the staff super friendly and extremely well knowledgeable about their beers. The tour of the facilities took us behind-the-scenes onto the main floor and the storerooms. Although I walked through many tours at this point, I think it’s always cool to see the operation in motion.



The Take-Away
This post wasn’t about the beers but about the brewery itself. Barrel of Monks Brewing offers a get away from anyone’s busy schedule for a comfortable couple of hours. Mini snifter flights of various Belgian-inspired ales combined with take-home growlers make Barrel of Monks Brewing a must visit for any beer lover.

Here’s a small little fact I didn’t know until I took the tour, part of what makes the beer so tasty at Barrel of Monks is the water supplied to them from the city of Boca Raton. Interesting.

Barrel of Monks
1141 S Rogers Cir #5, Boca Raton, FL 33487
(p) (561) 510-1253