Barcelona, You’re After My Heart

Barcelona is a wonderful city. It’s one of the few cities I would uproot my life from Florida to Spain for. From tourist destinations to dive bars and to a quiet walk in parks Barcelona has everything for all walks of life.

I’ve been to the cosmopolitan capital of Spain’s Catalonia twice and both times I’ve left with conflicting emotions. I was happy to have seen the sights, enjoy the people, and the culture. However, I was also sad at the prospect of flying away and leaving it all behind.

Highlights included seeing the amazing and jaw-dropping perpetually unfinished La Sagrada Família. Construction on the church began 1882 by the architect Antoni Gaudí. His vision of the church was so grand and extravagant I doubt even Gaudí ever envision his church would finally be constructed around 2026-2028. Gaudí, born and died in Barcelona (a trolley car ran him over) had a larger impact on the city than just the construction of a church.

In addition to the La Sagrada Família, his influences on the culture through art are seen all over the streets. His odd architecture stylings add a uniqueness which can only be found in Barcelona’s cityscape and in its most recognizable park, Park Güell. Park Güell was Gaudí’s vision of combing visually striking architecture as it blends seamlessly into nature.

Spending just over a week in Barcelona leaves me yearning for two more weeks. I bet another two weeks would leave wanting even more. Like I mentioned earlier, it’s one of the few cities I would uproot my life from Florida to Spain for.