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New, Notable and Drinkable; St. Augustine Distillery

While walking St. Augustine’s old city streets, a new label on the shelf caught our eye. In a 1920’s letterpress, art nouveau and hand-illustrated style design, these gems said “St. Augustine Distillery.” Oh really? Is there something here that I haven’t explored? Was Ponce de Leon drinking this stuff – and who is “the guy” […]

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Eggplant Cannelloni – Mamma Mia!

I borrowed this original recipe for Eggplant Cannelloni from Epicurious. But per the usual, we Nomsters don’t have every ingredient lying around in our cabinet, so we had to make do. Check out my recreation using discoveries from my pantry. This was so delicious we meant to save some for lunch the next day, but… NOM! And […]

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Bacon-Wrapped Goat Cheese Stuffed Dates

These delicious stuffed dates wrapped in bacon are always a party pleaser. Considering that they take only about 35 min from start to finish, they’re ideal for last minute situations. All too often you’re ready to go to a friend’s party and think, OMG wasn’t I supposed to bring something? These delicious Rumaki-style appetizers are perfect for this […]

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Little Nomster Presents Bikinis & Brewskis

Despite the heat and the humidity and the typical afternoon thunderstorms our first beer tasting, Little Nomster Presents Bikinis & Brewskis was a hit! We weren’t going to let cold pelting tropical rain ruin our first official event — and we didn’t! We stuck around huddled underneath a beach patio tent pouring flights and nomming down on […]

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Sea Dog Brewing Company Orlando, Good Beer and Food

You know those giant ads next to bus stations and benches on the sidewalk? They work! Driving around after a long day at Disney we really wanted to A. Watch the Heat Game and B. Have some good brews. But since we were in “BORlando” we thought, hmm not sure where there are any craft […]

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Funky Buddha Grand Opening Brews, Super Tasty!

I wish I could put last Saturday on repeat because it was an amazing Funky Buddha Grand Opening! Minus the rain, everything was a party at Funky Buddha. The beers flowed fresh from the brewery and I had my fix of my favorite food truck sandwiches, Ms. Cheezious. I enjoyed many tipsy conversations with craft […]

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Tipsy Boar Craft Fest, Our End to ACBW

It’s been a busy Craft Beer Week for us. With the craft beer takeovers and reviewing our own stash of craft beers has left us pretty tired and spent. We’re not done though. As American Craft Beer Week was winding down we had one more celebration on our calendar. The Tipsy Boar Craft Fest in Hollywood, Fl. […]

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Brooklyn Brewery Takeover at Tap42

Our American Craft Beer Week went into full swing at Tap 42’s Brooklyn Brewery Takeover Night. The takeover featured Brooklyn Brewery’s finest selection. Ranging from lagers to stouts, to even an experimental barleywine, the beers were delicious. Looking over the menu we elected to sample four of Brooklyn Brewery’s beers. Brooklyn Brewmaster’s Reserve, The Companion Barleywine, 10% […]