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Barcelona, You’re After My Heart

Barcelona is a wonderful city. It’s one of the few cities I would uproot my life from Florida to Spain for. From tourist destinations to dive bars and to a quiet walk in parks Barcelona has everything for all walks of life. I’ve been to the cosmopolitan capital of Spain’s Catalonia twice and both times […]

Hurricane Irma, My Ride Thru The Storm

Hurricane Irma was heading to South Florida. All signs pointed to a catastrophic landfall in South Miami and stomping its way up through Fort Lauderdale and then north through Orlando and Jacksonville. There was no escape. Millions in South Florida prepared for days. We bought supplies, gas up our cars, and evacuated the area, but in […]

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Sweden, My Time and Photos

I remember being so excited and full of anxiety for my first trip to Sweden. I mean it was my first visit to Europe and an eye-opening experience to a different culture rolled into one. I didn’t know what to expect but what I got was an eyeful of gorgeous Viking descendants, too many Absolut […]

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The Not-So-Nomster Days

It was 2014 when I last published an official entry into Little Nomster. It was about my lovely visit to St. Augustine Distillery and the quaint old-style town I very much want to get back to. A lot has happened since that entry three years ago. I’ve stopped taking pictures, stopped traveling, and really dove deep […]

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Filling in the Spaces In-Between

I have a ton photos from when Little Nomster was just a food blog. So many photos but have nowhere to put them. How can I fill in the spaces in-between? Then the answer was right there in my face a large super gallery. Spanning from 2011-2014 these Little Nomster remnant photos were never posted […]

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New York Photos Spring 2017

New York City. 3 days and 2 nights in the city on a bachelor party filled with 12 friends, food, drinks, booze, late nights, booze, blackouts and more booze. We set out to celebrate and enjoy life in the Big City. Married, spoken for, or single it didn’t matter because out there, for the one cold […]

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Barrel of Monks, Boca Raton’s Belgian Brewhouse

A couple months ago I walked into Barrel of Monks not knowing much about the brewery. I heard it was cozy and highly recommended from locals and friends. With a quick Google search, I also knew that Barrel of Monks Brewing specialized in Belgian-inspired ales, and the Boca Raton craft beer brewery offered guided tours […]

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It’s Been Forever, But Little Nomster Has Returned

Hot Damn! The Little Nomster is back! I’ve returned and it’s been way too long! Yeah I know it’s been forever but… I’m back at it. Well, I’ve kinda returned but I’m so super excited to get back to writing and posting to Little Nomster. For ye old followers and new ones, Little Nomster was […]